Fallen Soldiers’ Grave Markers at Groesbeek and Holten Cemeteries in the Netherlands

The Kincardine Scottish Pipe Band attended ceremonies honouring the fallen soldiers at Groesbeek and Holten Cemeteries in early May.  We paid tribute to the men of Bruce County who died in the liberation of the Netherlands.  We located the graves in these cemeteries of about 30 Bruce men killed in action.  After the official ceremonies, some of us played bagpipes at the graves and also placed a small plaque at each grave.  Please see the photos below of the grave markers of these fallen Bruce County men.  (More photos will be added when they are available).

DSC00573DSC00540IMG_3921Band Members at Holten

Graves of Bruce Men Killed in Action

Ashkewe, Benjamin RoyAshkewe, Benjamin Roy
Blake, Graham Scott
Boltz, W CBoltz, Wilbert George
Brudbaker, R DBrubaker, Roscoe Donald
Buhlman, A JBuhlman, Albert Joseph
Chambers, J AChambers, James Alexander
Collins, M WCollins, Maurice Willis
Crozier, D MCrozier, David MacLeod
Currie, J JCurrie, John James
Elliot, J AElliott, Joseph A.
Filsinger R G FFilsinger, Reuben George Frederick
Finlayson, R AFinlayson, Roderick A.

Hall, FrankHall, Frank
Jones, H AJones, Howard Arnold
Koenig, L FKoenig, Laverne Frederick
Lancaster, J BLancaster, John BerkeleyMacKenzie, Donald AlexanderMacKenzie, Donald Alexander
Masterson, A SMasterson, Albert Sidney
McGarvey, D EMcGarvey, David Earl
McMaster, W WMcMaster, William Watson
Montgomery, R LMontgomery, Robert James
Myers, William John
Obright, V PObright, Vernon Patrick
Pollock, Lorne JohnProudley, W CProudley, W. C.

Pyke, Bertram Isaac - 2Pyke, Bertram Isaac
Riley, HRiley, Henry
A A J StefflerSteffler, Alphonse Anthony John
steffler, james haroldSteffler, James Harold
Thompson, Leslie
Watson, John Henry
Willick, James Joseph

One thought on “Fallen Soldiers’ Grave Markers at Groesbeek and Holten Cemeteries in the Netherlands”

  1. Re: Steffler, Alphonse Anthony John

    Thank you!
    He has just had another great grandson!
    Rowan John Alphonse Anderson!

    We never knew him but we are proud of his sacrifice and his legacy. His Son John (my Father) was very proud of him and loved his memory dearly.

    Thank you again
    The Andersons

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