Saturday Parades

About the Band

Since 1948, a unique and wonderful event takes place in Kincardine every summer Saturday night, rain or shine. At exactly 8 p.m., the Kincardine Scottish Pipe Band takes to the street, and followed by a throng of tourists and locals, marches down Queen Street and back again to perform in Victoria Park.

Saturday Night Parades begin on the Saturday before Canada Day (weekend) and end on the Saturday before the Labour Day weekend.

The band welcomes all pipers and drummers who happen to be in the area and have been host to musicians from all over the world. Pre-arranged permission is not necessary but proper dress is a requirement.

Financial support from the Friends of the Kincardine Scottish, contributions to the Wishing Well and numerous local businesses and Kincardinites have afforded us the opportunity to maintain our dress uniformly in the Kincardine Tartan.

We would like to invite you to enjoy our website, participate in our Saturday Night Parades and if you're familiar with the Great Highland Bagpipe accept an invitation to play some summer evening on our lighthouse.

We are pleased to have the Phantom Piper back on sunny evenings for the summer of 2020 to pipe down the sun. Check out for sunset times.

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